Snow in Philippines 2013 – “Southern Part of the tropical country Philippines”

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Phillippines, 2013

Must watch this !!!!!


“It was not confirmed yet but many believes that this is only a fraud and false news. ” –


“We can have a free ice from sky to make some halo-halo this summer. “

It is a dream of every Filipino to witness a snow. It is contrary to other countries where snow is common like USA, France, Japan and etc. People in the Philippines don’t like the heat of the sun for they are obsessed of being white! No wonder why if you go to a mall to shop for a soap you’ll observe so many whitening soap. It is really contrary to other nationality who are obsessed being tan. Once I had a friend from France and she told me she is having a hardtime looking for a bath soap for all the soap in the grocery store are whitening, its funny but true she likes being tan not getting more white.

A hailstorm struck several parts of Quezon City Thursday afternoon amid a thunderstorm warning issued in some areas in Metro Manila.

In a phone interview, a state weather forecaster cited unofficial reports of heavy rain with grains of ice in Quezon City.

The incident is however “normal” in the Philippines, Jun Galang of the Philippine Astronomical, Geophysical and Astronomic Services Administration said.

Hailstorms are caused by thunderstorms, Galang said, noting that cumulonimbus clouds are made up of ice particles.

“Habang bumababa lumulusaw kaya gamais na lang pagbagsak (These melt in their descent to kernel-sized particles upon hitting the ground),” Galang added.

The weather bureau in a 4:25 p.m. advisory said a thunderstorm was “affecting Quezon City, San Juan and Manila.”

It “may persist for 1-2 hours,” Pag-asa said, as it urged the public to take precautionary measures.

The thunderstorm warnings in all areas have been terminated at 5:30 p.m., however.

“OH! Snow is coming! PINOYS LOVE THIS! .. YOW! SHOUT IT OUT! “

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  3. jacinth1215 says:

    Its a hoax lang guys.. Wag agad maniwala.. Please

  4. joale says:

    It is technically impossible.

    H O A X ⊙_⊙

  5. Jojo Ramos says:

    Total BS!!!!

  6. Jervis says:

    Month of July? Tapos yung pinto may christmas wreath

  7. if this news ain’t a hoax, then our government will enter a big big trouble especially the sector of agriculture(the backbone of our country). For those who are happy for the news,, take a deep breath and eat less when that day has come.

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