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USJR Scandal

USJR Scandal

A huge breakthrough is spreading throughout the whole island of Cebu, Philippines. A video which is published on the internet totally ruined a dream of a young Josenian (called for the students of the University of San Jose -Recolitos) girl . The video which filmed their sexual intercourse were scattered throughout the people on the internet. The girl was recognized because of her Uniform and an Identification Card with her in the video.

Honestly, I hadn’t watch the video but I am always listening from the rumors from anyone, anywhere and other sources such as blogs. I have heard that this video was stolen by a computer technician where a laptop is brought to this person to be fixed (I don’t know who own the said laptop) but upon the laptop is within the computer technician hands this person browse the files from the laptop and find this video and copy the video and might be this person is the one who published it in the internet(No one knows, right?). Thats the rumors how the video was published.

Now lets go to the rumors on what happened to the girl. News was spread that she forced to leave the school due to shame. I also heard that she also tried to make a suicide but  fortunately stopped by her mother. We can even feel how she suffer right now, just put yourself on her side. Imagine she is a graduating student and a scholar and she is even a deans lister. Have pity on her. Stop watching the video.

And lets go on what happened to the school, rumors spread that the uniforms of  this said university were banned for several weeks due to the incident.

A message to all the netizens: Stop Spreading the video! Don’t even watch it anymore. Might be good if you deleted it totally if ever you had a copy of this video. Thank you for reading! Hope we can take an action to help this poor girl whose life was ruined.